Digital Library

A virtual library is the place for collection of all electronic women information and since its inception has made women’s resources more available on gender equality and women human rights, gender-based violence, peace-building for exchange within the country and within the Great Lakes Region. Also this virtual library digitalizes women’s materials and uploads them to the repository that facilitates unified metadata systems for aiming at sharing of all digitalized materials with other institutions in the country and in the Great Lakes Region.

This virtual library is hopeful to benefit students, researchers, policy makers, and women’s groups, NGOs affiliated to the initiatives for women development, civil society organizations, and many others who study by distance (Open-Distance Learning-ODL) in Tanzania and within the Region. The Center has employed greenstone software which provides a new way of organizing digital materials and publishing them on internet for retrieving also library is set up with computerized catalogue systems which are an advanced information processing tool using Micro CDS/ISIS database software, non-numerical information storage and retrieval software developed by UNESCO.