The centre conducts short training either for a week or for a month to various organizations, and groups of people who need to improve and to lift up their competence in dealing with women issues in our country, such training include women human rights, gender equality, women empowerment in politics, management, entrepreneurship, and negotiation, peace building, guidance and counselling, and problem solving skills. This training is offered in form of seminars, workshops, public lectures, conferences and focus-group discussions and conducts extensive consultations with decision-makers, parliamentarians, academics, activists, policy-makers and women’s NGOs, to formulate gender-sensitive policies.

The centre also conducts training on contemporary research methods which are suitable for carrying out policy-oriented research and research-based policies in field of gender and women studies, that aim at to produce policy briefs, and this training is planned for young researchers, research data entrants, fellow researchers, and senior researchers and women and academic institutions embark on women and gender research in our country.