Structure of the National Centre

The national center is composed of the following sections:

  • Advisory Committee

It will be formed in upon the launching of the center activities, to orient and supervising the center activities as directed with the Regional Director for Regional Women Research and documentation center based in Kinshasa Congo-DRC and as defined in the National Associate center’s constitution.

  • Coordination Office

WRDC-CU is the core-office of the center responsible for managing, networking and coordinating all activities that pertain to the running of the centre including doing research, training, lobbying, dialoguing and advocating all women vexing matters for aiming at to enhance considerations of women rights, gender equality, and women empowerment in all aspects of development.

  • Documentation center

WRDC-DC is the place for collections of published and unpublished digital materials which are written in Kiswahili and English languages on the issues of women’s rights, gender equality, empowerment, peacemaking, child rights and child protection. Also the documentation center will be useful for access to modern hypothetical discourses; appropriate research methodological approaches focus on women and gender studies, ultimately to become women’s documentary resources that is being affordable for online publication and documentation in the country.

The place to hold Nyerere’s Collections whereby will have a catalogue of all issues about women participation in nationalism movement, politics, post independence economic strategies to empower women and his efforts to educate and eradicate poverty among women and ultimate maintain peace in our community.

  • Information Office

WRDC-IU is an office responsible for publicizing information about recent women studies to various places through bulletins, booklets and leaflets.  Also preparing press summaries, assembling press footages and maintaining daily linkage with the media, conducting exhibitions, to translate materials in a simple or to their own language so that local people can absorb the intended meaning and enhance women to access information in the center.

  • Graphics Design office

WRDC-GPU is the place responsible for designing digital graphics such as photos, films, video clips, layouts of the WRDC pamphlets, website layout, publishing materials, and printing out newsletters, postures, brochures, banners, booklets and leaflets and along with production of audio-visual digital materials and arranging them for training purpose, circulating them to different organizations of having an interest on women issues and to other recipients.