Activities of the Center

  • To undertake research on women issues based on these approaches; policy-oriented research and research-based policies which help on policy formulation process resulting in co-operation for the interest of women in policy formulation for advancement.
  • To facilitate lobbying, advocating, and dialogue between policy makers, government authorities, politicians, parliamentary and women’s institutions about women rights, women empowerment and gender equality, peace building and transformation.
  • To build intellectual and leadership capacity of the actors who undertake activities in  favour of women’s human rights, gender equality and peace building within the country.
  • To facilitate research-training on contemporary research-methodology and theoretical approaches which are useful in undertaking women, gender and peace building research.
  • To work as a women’s information hub for all people to access contemporary research-methodologies, aggregated women’s information that promote women’s rights, gender equality, peace and human advancement.
  • To facilitate collection and digitization of disaggregated women information of different national sources and disseminates or exchange information electronically.