National Coordinators

Dr. Florence Ghamunga

2009 – 2010

Main Activity

Preparing and presenting a working modality of establishment and hosting of the women research and documentation center at the Tengeru Institute of Community Development (TICD)
Ms. Rehema Magessa

2010 – 2012

Main activity

Facilitating on formulation of the center mission, vision, objectives and its core beliefs and also creating network with women related organizations and women institutions in the country
Mr. Verhan Bakari

2012 – 2013

Main activity

Defining functions and activities of the center through consulting women center’s stakeholders and facilitating on establishing a virtual library at the Center
Mr. Ebenezer A. Lawuo

2014 to date

Main activity

Finalizing internal and external networking with stakeholders of the center and to publicize and sensitize people about the activities of the center through exhibitions, public lectures, and other women forums

To supervise and coordinate the center to undertake women researches and other activities related to women issues